Sunday, January 21, 2007

Poem for an earache day

Earache, earache,
Sinus and and a throat ache,
Stuffy like cotton
the left side of my head,
Throbby and drowsing,
let me stay in bed.
Winter, my friend has caught me too,
Aching and coughing, how about you?
I just hope I don't get the flu,
Wintertime bugs are the pits.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Rainy day in Autumn

Rain rain, go away,
I don't want to ache today.
To much to see, too much to do
to spend my time aching with you.
Too much cool, too much wet,
I've got floors to mop, but muddy pets,
Clothes to wash, but my ankes hurt,
I'll sit by the fire and leave the dirt.
Rain, rain, go away,
I don't want to ache today.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

End of the Quest

Briar, briar, twisted tight,
remember well this lovely night,
where spell was wrought to come undone
will be completed by morning sun.
Look where she lies, asleep alone,
While father slumbers on his throne,
and scullery maids sleep on their brooms
and spiders dream while at their looms,
You cannot stop the prince this night,
Your thorns that guard fail in his sight,
When his lips touch hers, the last veil torn,
Your thorns will vanish come the morn.
The spindle's spell will come to rest,
and your leaves adorn her wedding dress.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Contemplating Camelot's Ruin

Contemplating Camelot's Ruin

Let it be told again, how there it stood,
There by the Camel's fabled stream
There the keep arose, a fortress strong,
Strong enough to hold a dream
Fifteen hundred years or more
Glimmering like a chimera in the telling,
A place where one man strived to stand tall
Against the darkness gathering, swelling
To wipe away the light that was,
And bravely through that twilight strode the Bear,
And for a season, he succeeded,
And planted the dream that lingers there.
And yet in the end, the darkness called his name,
Blood fighting blood, love betrayed,
Are what we remember best of what he wrought,
except the lone promise made
When carried off to Avalon
for healing beyond time and space
on that fair faerie isle,
to return again - Arthur, lo, quicken your pace!

Monday, July 31, 2006


meaning, placement, sound and sight,
eye appeal and heart's delight,
dancing letters come to play,
round the globe and here to stay.
nuance, shape, alliteration,
assonance and concentration,
thoughts may scurry if you turn on the light,
but don't let them frighten you in the night....

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Diplomatic Tango

One step forward,
then two steps back with him,
change your partner,
then do it all again,
Bouquet of carrots,
or stick twirled violently,
Peace comes hard won,
Yet war comes instantly.

Words, o words, o spinning words,
so diplomatically spoken,
offers float by like trial balloons,
piecrust promises broken.

Beware the knife he hides
there in his other hand,
who can you get him talking to,
to make him understand,
Gunfire rattles
are not a children's gift.
Peace is hard won,
what glue can heal this rift?

Words, o words, o spinning words,
so diplomatically spoken,
offers float by like trial balloons,
piecrust promises broken.

Feint and thrust and
don't let them see your plan
play them together
and hope they understand.
Cover your backside,
or else you'll feel the knife.
Peace comes hard won -
What salve can heal this strife?

Words, o words, o spinning words,
so diplomatically spoken,
offers float by like trial balloons,
piecrust promises broken.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Let us remember today
how high the cost of liberty,
how hard the dream of freedom,
how sweet the rewards of opportunity,
how precious the concept.

Pass it down,
how men chose to stand for an idea
of self-determination of liberty,
and were willing, when called,
to buy that dream with their life.
This dream is not for tyrants,
not bound by color or creed or race,
but bound by justice, honor, and hope.

Yes, we have not always lived up to our dream,
but it still burns brightly,
fed with the blood of our sons and daughters,
a torch to light the night -
unalienable truths,
liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness
framed by the consent of the governed
in a striving for justice.

Pass it down,
this torch bought dearly,
and guard it with all your might,
for the winds of darkness ever strive to put it out.